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When it was impossible for hawkers to thrive during the
pandemic, we made it possible by transforming their
businesses in only five days.

When it was impossible for hawkers to thrive during the pandemic, we made it possible by transforming their businesses in only five days.

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Enabled thousands of SMEs to sell online

Just a couple of months into 2020, SMEs were unable to operate due to lockdown restrictions, finding themselves in a new normal they were not ready to manage.

The promise of digitalisation presented an encouraging light at the end of the tunnel, with Kiple helping SMEs to enter the online marketplace.

More than just a payment solution, Kiple understands that not every business comes prepared with a well-established online platform, e-commerce site or payment solution, and has thus conceptualised two solutions under Kiple Unified Payments to help address the needs of various SMEs,

The Kiple solutions helping to tide SMEs through

Kiple provided these two essential solutions for SMEs:

1-Click Payment

An end-to-end solution that helps SMEs take their businesses online, the system uses platforms like Facebook and even Whatsapp to help SMEs sell their offerings.

Integrated Payment Gateway

Designed for merchants who want to easily organise a fully customisable payment facility, the features include electronic know-your-customer (eKYC) management, online and in-store payments, QR payments, voucher generation and redemption, as well as loyalty and card management.

The Kiple unified payment platform

“We are truly appreciative of partners like Kiple who share our belief in enriching communities and inspiring change through technology,” shares Dr Darren Guok.

AOneSchools: leveraging Kiple to thrive in the new normal

An organisation that Kiple has helped to transform is AOneSchools, a management systems provider for learning institutes such as kindergartens, schools and enrichment centres.

When the first MCO came into effect in early 2020, Dr Darren Gouk—the founder and CEO of AOneSchools—realised that his client base faced many challenges. This included transitioning from traditional in-class syllabuses to online learning, facilitating student-teacher interactions remotely and managing company cash flow.

Then, Dr Darren Gouk learnt about Kiple’s Integrated Payment Gateway. The solution allows for seamless integration of online and offline payments into the AOneSchools app, making life much easier for learning institutes and customers.

Furthermore, the streamlining of their processes and simplifying of monthly billing resulted in a significant positive effect on cash flow.

Kiple Integrated Payment Gateway in
the AOneSchools app

Warong Digital e-Bazaar Ramadan: Helping bazaar traders resume business safely during Ramadan

In April 2020, Kiple partnered the Coalition of Malay Small Traders Association (GPPPKMM) to launch the Warong Digital e-Bazaar Ramadan programme. This initiative enabled thousands of members and bazaar traders to continue doing business during the pandemic.

The programme utilised Kiple’s Integrated Payment Gateway, which allowed local traders to perform online transactions and provide a cashless experience for customers. All customers had to do was download the Kiple e-wallet app and order through it to arrange collection or delivery.

Furthermore, the app facilitated better conformity to social distancing practices since it eliminated cash transactions and on-premise waiting time. This provided greater convenience and peace to merchants, consumers and delivery riders alike.

Our ongoing commitment to SMEs in Malaysia

Today, there are still many gaps when it comes to helping SMEs and small merchants in Malaysia. Specifically, this has to do with getting them digitalised and assisting them with fintech solutions for cash management and working capital access.

Apart from the more familiar conveniences of digital payments, Kiple gives merchants a better understanding of their business performance and customers through the reports and analysis provided. Real-time data can also be powered through internet access even in remote areas so that we can help owners to improve their business.

While digital payment solutions aren’t the latest invention, having a holistic digital payment solution makes a world of difference. However, it will be a long road to migrate SME merchants to the digital payment space and they need our help.

Besides attending to their needs, Kiple will continue in its mission to educate and assist small merchants so we can help them grow their business, run operations more efficiently and operate with continuous cash flow through fast settlement processes.

A digital boost for small traders with Smart Niaga @ Perak

In a move towards a cashless society in Perak, Kiple and Digital Perak recently collaborated to develop a unified payment platform, allowing citizens and merchants to perform cashless transactions with businesses and the government.

The Smart Niaga @ Perak programme and Kiple armed 75,000 Perak-registered SMEs with a simple three-step formula to help them carry out their business without much knowledge of technology:

Learn all about turning your business digital
through kipleBiz.

Learn all about turning your business digital through kipleBiz.

When it was impossible for farmers to control their
yield, we made it possible

When it was impossible for farmers to control their yield, we made it possible


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Explore endless possibilities with Green Packet.

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